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Molly Brannon
Vice President and Director of Marketing
CPR Institute

It is with great excitement that I announce the re-launch of CPR's website.   In addition to a vibrant new look, the website features a powerful new way to navigate, making it easier for users to learn about and access CPR’s wide range of services and capabilities.  Please allow me to walk you through some of the new features in more detail.

CPR’s 2008 website represented a major step forward in CPR’s use of technology as an effective engagement platform.  It quickly transformed our presence on the web and our user-friendly format made CPR’s site a valuable research tool for ADR practitioners around the world.  

In 2010, CPR decided to implement additional enhancements, tools and other capabilities that would increase website visitation, better engage users, and streamline website workflows.  The plan for the site was based on user feedback, website best practices and our own analysis of web visitation and activity.  Our web consultants, including a technology team from IBM and a web developer, validated our recommended course of action.  

In constructing the new site, our efforts focused on the following goals:  
  • Refine overall design template for consistency across pages
  • Reorganize and simplify access to content
  • Enhance functionality and navigation for the user
  • Ensure SEO compliance across site
Our Message and Our Mission
Upon first glance, the most obvious change is the website’s refreshed design and layout. Even the tagline on the main page --“Resources for Navigating Complex Business Disputes”-- is new.  This overarching brand message is perhaps the most pivotal change that we have made and has, subsequently, guided many of the design, technology and navigation decisions incorporated into the new site.  Despite the design overhaul, all of the information from the previous website remains intact.  It has simply been reorganized for ease of navigation and has been tagged for SEO purposes.  

The Home Page
A primary focus for this redesign was to streamline access to information to ensure that users could access the exact information they needed, as quickly as possible.  Over the past two years, extensive analysis and research had shown a distinct pattern of web visitation.  As a result, the three primary drivers to CPR’s site -- Find a Neutral, Join CPR and Clauses & Rules -- take center stage on this new site.

The homepage also highlights CPR’s newest offerings and provides instant access to timely information and resources.  Finally, to support CPRs new social media strategy and enhanced technology offerings, we’ve added a “Connect with CPR” section that takes you directly to CPR’s Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook accounts, connects you to our podcasts, and provides notifications via CPR’s RSS feed for the latest best practices and resources in the field.  

Venturing Deeper Within the Site

The upper navigation tabs provide click-through access to seven primary sections of the website: About, Resources, File a Case, Committees, Events, Awards, and Across Borders

Each tabbed landing page features revolving testimonials from CPR’s members. These landing pages prominently feature buttons which direct users to the resources most likely to be relevant to their work – thereby reducing the number of steps it takes to reach desired information.  There are also links within each section that take you to additional resources – like the buttons on the right sidebar and the “Navigate CPR” links on the left of each page.  In addition, CPR’s new "Site Search" tool – located at the top right – makes broad keyword searching a cinch!

We have included video content and image galleries throughout the site, upgraded our online store and built a search-able events calendar of ADR related gatherings, which are organized by type of event, location, discounts, and topic.  Finally, our new rating/commenting tool, for articles, resources and products, enables you to contribute to CPR’s thought leadership.

Don’t miss these pages of note:

Panels Search

The most notable of our website improvements is the expanded Panels search functionSelecting the right neutral is critical and should not be left to chance. Therefore, CPR’s new site allows users to self-search CPR’s large database of Distinguished Panels of Neutrals by multiple criteria including: Name, Region, City, State, Country, Specialty Panel, and Keyword. This more robust search will enable you to more easily find the perfect neutral for your matter – and will give CPR’s neutrals broader exposure to decision-makers.

Coming Soon

Although we made quite a few changes to the CPR website, they are certainly not the last. As CPR’s work continues to expand, we will regularly update and add new content to the site.  Additional technologies will also be introduced over the coming year, including online committee workstations, where committee members will contribute their own materials, and forums in which we will collect community-sourced content to enhance your access to best practices. CPR will also use topical web-generated newsletters to bring the latest ADR news and features straight to your inbox.

I hope that this has helped you get acquainted with the new CPR website.  I believe that this refreshed website clearly showcases our outstanding content and highlights the depth of our resources across the site.  As always, I welcome your feedback and ideas.  I am eager to make this site an even better place for connecting you to the tools ideas and resources to help you reduce the costs and burdens of litigation.  


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