CPR's Present ADR Activities in the Asia-Pacific Region
Even in well-developed commercial markets, like those found in Asia, many business enterprises remain skeptical of interest-based negotiation and its benefits.  CPR seeks to add value to these internationally-based corporations and those who counsel them, by helping those charged with commercial and other conflict management and resolution to fulfill their tasks efficiently, creatively and justly. 

CPR, with the assistance, support and guidance of its global members, has engaged in a multi-branched initiative to promote commercial mediation and other methods of consensual conflict management in the Asia-Pacific region.

The Asia-Pacific Advisory Council was formed in 2009 to address issues in the field of international dispute resolution in the Asia-Pacific region.
From 2009-2011 and continuing in 2012, CPR’s efforts to create The Emerging Markets Initiative in Asia has focused two principle goals:  (1) a broad-based study of business interests in Southeast Asia, with the input of key coalition partners experienced in those markets to identify and better understand the barriers to growth of mediation (Survey on the Use of Mediation, and to analyze and suggest workable solutions, on a country-specific basis, to the entry barriers; and (2) development of reliable and skilled panels of neutrals in Asia to provide a broader range of resources for parties seeking to engage in effective mediation in emerging markets.  The work continues by: (a) CPR’s development of an alliance with the Institute of Arbitrators and Mediators Australia (IAMA), Australia’s largest independent arbitration and mediation provider, which will expand CPR’s footprint in the Asia Pacific region and better enable CPR’s activities to improve and expand mediation opportunities in that region; and (b) CPR’s development of a working relationship with TransAsia and participation in ChinaGoAbroad, a web platform designed to facilitate outward-bound investment by Chinese State Owned Entities (SOEs) and for which CPR will provide the dispute resolution resources, thereby further enhancing CPR’s footprint and capabilities in the Asia Pacific region. 
CPR's Past ADR Activities in Asia-Pacific Region
  • Since 2003, with the financial and strategic support of its multinational corporate members, CPR has engaged in a multifaceted effort to learn from the Chinese tradition of conciliation and to contribute to the rapidly growing discourse between American and Chinese businesses and, in particular, ADR proponents.
  • In 2004, CPR partnered with the Conciliation Center of the China Council for Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT) to establish the U.S.-China Business Mediation Center and established the CPR/CCPIT Mediation Procedure for Disputes Submitted to the U.S.-China Business Mediation Center.  CPR also published Mediating Disputes Between Chinese and American Businesses, which featured commentary on salient issues, practice tips, and matters to consider when acting as a mediator in a complex dispute involving Chinese and American companies.
  • In 2004, CPR trained its first class of mediators for the U.S.- China Business Mediation Center in Beijing.
In addition to its close relationship with the CCPIT, CPR has established cordial exchanges with the Beijing Arbitration Commission, the Hong Kong International Arbitration Center and several academic institutions and business associations. CPR leaders have frequently visited Hong Kong and spoken to groups of business and legal leaders on opportunities to create industry-led dispute management initiatives and best practices. 
CPR also hosts an Asia-Pacific Advisory Council of attorneys and business people located in the United States and throughout Asia which meets periodically to analyze and recommend strategies for improving dispute resolution services in the region.
  • CPR co-hosted a 2005 conference in Beijing on commercial mediation that was attended by over 250 business representatives. 
In 2005, CPR conducted a three-day training in Western mediation skills for a group of Chinese and Western attorneys, judges and arbitrators. 
  • CPR hosted a two-day conference in 2006, during which 50 Chinese and American lawyers, judges and mediators exchanged perspectives and articulated the substantial challenges to cross-cultural commercial and legal dealings. 
  • In 2007, CPR cosponsored a conference on “Managing Disputes Between Chinese and U.S. Businesses” with CIETAC, Greenberg Traurig, LLP, and the Chinese law firm of Fandga Partners. CPR also participated in a Hong Kong symposium on mediation and met with the Hong Kong Judiciary. 
  • In 2009, CPR made visits to various arbitral institutions and CPR member law firms in China. Visits included the Arbitration Center and CCPIT in Beijing and the American Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai to discuss various ways in which these institutions and CPR might work together to facilitate knowledge and training in the ADR field.
  • In May 2010, The American Chamber of Commerce hosted a program for CPR's Asia-Pacific Advisory Council in conjunction with the Shanghai Expo.
CPR's Activities in Vietnam Minimize
In 2009, CPR met with law firm representatives and members of the judiciary in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City to exchange information and to explore how CPR might play a role in Vietnam with respect to the promulgation of information about ADR and potential training programs.
Survey on the Use of Mediation in the Asia Pacific Region
CPR is currently collecting information about the use of mediation, including the barriers to mediation use, in the region. >Take the survey now!