CPR's Efforts in Other International Regions
CPR's constituents are particularly concerned that there is more resistance to ADR procedures in certain regions of the developing world. This may stem from mistrust of what many developing countries view as a “Westernized” system, a lack of knowledge or lack of access to these procedures, or a lack of adherence to the Rule of Law in various parts of the world.

CPR believes that every effort to promote the appropriate use of commercial mediation, arbitration, and other strategies must be explored and encouraged. CPR has an unparalleled role in exacting these changes and is uniquely positioned to offer tools, resources and training which businesses in these areas can employ to resolve international disputes.

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CPR's Activities in Latin America
In Latin America, CPR is working on initiatives with Partners for Democratic Change, to assist business in locating skilled mediators in Brazil. CPR members are increasingly investing in Brazil and are concerned about the lack of reliable dispute resolution mechanisms in the region. CPR has met with businesses and institutions in Rio and Sao Paulo who want to learn more about how mediation works and how it can be used successfully by Brazilian businesses and investors. CPR has also visited local bar associations, the Federation for Industry, local dispute resolution organizations, and with CPR corporate and law firm members. In addition to promoting mediation, CPR will work with these constituents, to develop a roster of neutrals suitable for assisting parties with cross border disputes.
CPR's Activities in the Middle East
In 2011, CPR organized a customized training program for a special contingent from the Iraqi Ministry of Oil. The training, entitled Negotiating and Implementing Durable Contracts with International Oil Companies, was funded by the U.S. Department of State and hosted by Columbia University's Law School. Topics covered included, preventative law, consultation in the U.S. and alternative resolution of contractual disputes.
CPR's Activities in Russia
In 2001, CPR conducted a Feasibility Study on commercial mediation in Russia.  Since that time it has consulted with the Russian Commercial Mediation Center and with the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs in creating innovative approaches to develop alternatives to Russian courts to resolve business disputes.

Subsequently, CPR assisted a group of Russian and other leaders in advising on the creation of a Commercial Mediation Center in Moscow. CPR also advised the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs (RSPP) in formulating a Code of Ethics and a system of arbitration to enforce the Code. CPR has entered into a Protocol of Intent with RSPP and continues to advise it and the Mediation Center as occasion warrants.