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CPR's Panels of Distinguished Neutrals comprise the most respected and elite mediators and arbitrators in the world. 

include prominent attorneys, retired state and federal judges, academics, and highly-skilled business executives, legal experts, and ADR professionals who are particularly qualified to resolve complex business disputes involving multi-national corporations or issues of public sensitivity.

Admission to one of CPR Panels occurs only after an individual is reviewed and approved by CPR and/or a select panel of high-end users, peers and/or academics. Candidates are screened for their ADR expertise and training, and candidate references are asked to comment specifically on the applicant’s qualifications to serve on large complex commercial disputes. Qualification to the CPR roster is demanding and available openings are very limited.

Your designation as a CPR Distinguished Panelist reflects your leadership and stature within the legal profession. It is a personal commitment to higher ethical standards that inspires credibility and confidence by CPR's members.
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Rental Fee: $400/Day
Contact: info@cpradr.org or 1.212.949.6490