Where Do I Get the Alternatives App?

Download the Jossey-Bass Alternatives Newsletter App for FREE from iTunes using this link:

How Do I Use the Alternatives App?

Download a PDF of these instructions HERE.

The Jossey-Bass Library
Below you will find an explanation of each feature of this app. The regular app can be downloaded for iPhone and iTouch after logging into iTunes (see the link above). The high-definition app is also available for iPad.


After you’ve downloaded this app, you will need to verify your subscription. The first page provides full instructions.

Scroll to the bottom of this page and tap Continue. This will bring up a pop-up screen where you can enter the following details:

You should now have access to the Alternatives content.


Once you have verified your subscription, tap on any current issues shown on the next screen. Each available issue will download into the My Subscriptions section of the app.

Remember: You can only download the issue once. If you delete the issue, you will no longer have access to it.


Downloading Future Issues
When the next issue of your subscription is published, you’ll receive a notification that it is ready to download. From the main menu, tap Download Issues and then tap each new issue to download to your mobile reader. You can also tap the Get icon on your bottom bar menu at any time to see if there are new issues available for download.

Managing Your Content
Individual downloaded issues of your subscription can be accessed in My Subscriptions. Here you can save issues, review table of contents and bookmark articles. You can also delete older issues but remember: once you delete an issue you will not be able to download it again.


You can bookmark articles in any downloaded issue. These will be saved to the Bookmarks library which is accessible from the main menu. To delete a bookmark, simply swipe it and confirm the delete.

Menu Bars
The top menu bar provides a Home shortcut to the main menu and in article view it also provides a shortcut to the Table of Contents (TOC). The bottom menu bar provides quick navigation through the Mobile Reader Application’s other features. When you access an article, the bottom menu bar appears briefly and then slides from view to allow you more space for text. To access the bottom menu bar when you need it, simply tap anywhere on the top menu bar.

Our search screen will help you find a relevant article within saved issues in your mobile reader’s library through keyword searching. If you have deleted an issue, it will not be included in the search.

Mobile Reader Application Feedback
To share opinions or suggestions about this app, please consider leaving a review at the App Store. Or, send an email to
ltemplet@wiley.com. By downloading this app, you became a very special customer to us and we are committed to making sure that you find this app useful and enjoyable.


How Do I Get a Copy of Alternatives?

Articles: Available to CPR Members (Log in first) from Wiley Online Library. Sample articles at Wiley's new Alternatives site, www.altnewsletter.com.

Request a FREE Copy: email your name, company, and address
here. Alternatives articles are also available to subscribers of Lexis and Westlaw.

For subscriptions (CPR Non-Members): Call +1.888.378.2537 or visit Wiley Online Library or www.altnewsletter.com.