CPR and the Fairness in Arbitration Act
CPR's Board of Directors voice their concerns regarding the Fairness in Arbitration Act to Senators Leahy and Feingold and Congressmen Conyers and Johnson. >read letter
Commercial ADR Tools
MEDIATION: Mandatory Commercial-Case Referrals Are Coming to New York (July 3, 2012).

Toro's Byers, and his ADR Legacy (Dec. 7)

By Harnessing The Collective Expertise Of Leading Minds And Benchmarking Best Practices, CPR Is The Resource Of Choice (MCC)

Quo Vadis? A Shifting Standard of Impartiality and Independence (2011 Writing Contest Winner)
“As so very often, the key lies in a proper balance: est modus in rebus. To ensure that international arbitration continues to be an effective method of resolving commercial disputes, all player...

IDN 99 - Arbitration Pledge, Part II with Gary Born (April 20)
IDN Episode No. 99, featuring Gary Born, a partner and chairman of the International Arbitration Group at Wilmer Cutler Pickering Hale and Dorr in London, discussing a pledge that would make arbitrati...

CPR Protocol on Determination of Damages in Arbitration
The Protocol on Determination of Damages in Arbitration has as its purpose providing guidance to arbitrators, counsel and their clients concerning the efficient and fair development and presentation o...

CPR Protocol on Disclosure of Documents and Presentation of Witnesses in Commercial Arbitration
The CPR Protocol addresses concerns often expressed by users of arbitration, that there is, particularly in disputes involving parties of different nations, a lack of predictability in the ways in whi...

CPR Prevention Practice Materials
CPR presents in this booklet a suite of practice materials that will explain some of the wide variety of available processes for prevention, control and early resolution of disputes, and provide usefu...

Construction Briefing: Dispute Resolution Boards and Other Standing Neutrals
This Briefing offers information about the use of Dispute Review Boards (DRBs) and other Standing Neutrals, which have proven so successful in managing conflict in construction projects.

Construction Briefing: Risk Allocation
This Briefing presents Risk Allocation concepts to companies and their advisers who draft risk allocation provisions for construction contracts. Companies outside the construction arena, involved in l...

Construction Briefing: Partnering
This booklet presents partnering concepts to companies and their advisers considering using partnering in construction projects.

Economic Litigation Agreements ("ELA") for Commercial Contracts as a Means of Reducing Civil Litigation Costs
The model economical litigation agreement, colloquially known as a "litigation prenup" was developed for companies who would incorporate the model agreement into contracts with partners, suppliers and...

The ADR Diversity Survey
The ADR Diversity Survey is offered as a model to corporations seeking to measure the current state of participation of professional women and minorities in arbitration, mediation and dispute settleme...

CPR Early Case Assessment "ECA" Toolkit (2010)
CPR's Early Case Assessment Guidelines set forth a process designed to help businesses decide early on how to manage disputes.  These disputes are generally with other businesses or individuals, ...

An ADR Primer
The ADR Primer is a glossary of ADR terms for those who are new to the process(es), and just want clarifications about certain ADR words and phrases.

Microsoft’s Thomas Burt on Complex Civil Litigation
Microsoft’s Thomas Burt on Complex Civil Litigation