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Alternatives is an international newsletter covering cutting-edge dispute resolution trends.  It is an authoritative guide for using ADR at companies, within law firms and in the courts. Each month, Alternatives focuses on new ADR developments, techniques and court practices.  The table of contents of the current issue is below.

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In the April 2014 issue, now available:

  • Mediation Skills
    - Applying Hostage and Crisis Negotiator Intervention Strategies
      in Commercial Dispute Resolution
      by Jeff Thompson

  • CPR News
    - April/May Meetings, Events, Publications
    - CPR Examines Impact of Globalization on ADR at Annual
      Meeting in Charleston, SC
    - CPR Annual Awards Presentation
    - CPR Announces New Chairman, Vice Chairman of
      Board of Directors
    - CPR Welcomes Four Prestigious New Board Members
    - Featured Panel: Construction - by Libbie Richards

  • Mediation
    - A Path to Successful Early Mediation
      by Laura Steinberg

  • ADR Briefs
    - BG Group PLC v. Republic of Argentina - by Alexandra Douglas
    - Section 1782 Discovery: Are International Arbitration
      Proceedings “Legal Tribunals”? - by Alexandra Douglas
    - Coalescing an International Consensus: Recent Developments
      Suggest Mandatory Elements in Mediation May Be Necessary
      to Save Courts and Litigants Time and Money
      - by Giuseppe De Palo and Bryan J. Branon

  • The Master Mediator
    - Looking My Way: The Last Word?
      by Robert A. Creo

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"Alternatives is a must read that keeps my finger on the pulse of developments in the ADR field! It keeps me informed about recent judicial opinions and provides scholarly discourse on a wide range of ADR topics. It is a vital tool for my practice."
David McLean
Latham & Watkins LLP