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CPR's Podcast Series: International Dispute Negotiation

About These Podcasts:

International Dispute Negotiation (IDN) is presented by CPR as an example of the ways professionals from different countries and backgrounds approach dispute resolution. The  podcast is intended to help listeners understand the risks of disputes and shed insight on optimal ways of accepting, mitigating, and managing those risks in the real world, whether through mediation, arbitration, or litigation that arises far from home. >Welcome to IDN

About the Host:

Michael McIlwrath is Senior Counsel, Litigation for GE Infrastructure - Oil & Gas. He is based at his company's headquarters in Florence, Italy where he represents his division in disputes world-wide, including work in negotiations, mediation, and arbitration.  McIlwrath is a long-time member of CPR and its European Advisory Committee.

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Our Current Podcast
IDN 102 - Part 2 with William Ury on Negotiating with Difficult People (Dec. 5)
SUMMARY: Part 2: William Ury returns to discuss negotiating with difficult people . The co-author of Getting to Yes this week turns to practice pointers. Here’s what you need to do to get to your “Batna”—your “best alternative to a negotiated agreement.”

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As one purpose of International Dispute Negotiation is to present a broad range of perspectives of dispute resolution, including issues on the cutting edge of international practice, the views expressed are not necessarily those of CPR or the General Electric Company.

International Dispute Negotiation is copyright 2007 by Michael McIlwrath and CPR.