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Continuing Legal Education
The CPR Institute has been certified by the New York State Continuing Legal Education Board as an Accredited Provider of continuing legal education in the State of New York [July 14, 2013 through July 13, 2016]. CPR is a nonprofit organization. Under financial hardship guidelines, at its discretion, CPR may waive the fee for attorneys who demonstrate that they are not currently employed(not retirees). CPR may also provide a special discounted price to attorneys, full-time judges and administrative law judges practicing in the nonprofit and public sectors full time. 

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NEW! Customized Negotiation Training for Corporations Minimize
CPR has teamed with MWI, a leading provider of negotiation learning programs, to launch a new offering in our corporate customized training programs.  MWI has provided negotiation training to companies in a variety of industries including Coca Cola, Analog Devices, and Eastman Chemical who are committed to developing the ability of their teams to negotiate and communicate effectively and build a culture of collaboration.  These skills are critical in preventing conflict and building productive long term business relationships.

In the current economic climate, the ability of organizations to negotiate and communicate effectively at all levels results in real cost savings and can significantly advance both internal and external business objectives including:
  • Building and sustaining more productive and profitable strategic alliances;
  • Minimizing costly friction with suppliers, resulting in lower costs;
  • Dealing more effectively with difficult pricing and fee negotiations;
  • Better communication among employees and between managers and staff, resulting in increased productivity;
  • Proactive, interest-based, solutions to retain customers, expand services and generate revenue.

About the Program:

MWI Negotiation Skills Learning Programs build each participant’s capacity to transform adversarial approaches to negotiation into problem-solving collaborations.  

We accomplish this by providing participants with a systematic framework to prepare for, implement, and review their negotiations.  This approach is useful in dealing with complex, multi-party issues as well as everyday negotiations, that when handled well can significantly enhance the organization’s objectives. The result of this training is a shared vocabulary among individuals and teams in an organization and a common set of skills and tools to help them negotiate and communicate more effectively. 

Our programs address organization-specific negotiation challenges by using customized role plays and real-world case scenarios. Specifically, the training is designed to:
  • Stimulate participants’ awareness of the complexities of, and their approaches to, negotiation;
  • Equip participants with a framework for understanding, diagnosing and leading the interest-based negotiation process;
  • Enhance participants’ skills through hands-on experience and feedback;
  • Provide participants with ongoing tools, support and reinforcement, creating a process for continued improvement and learning over the course of at least one-year.
The goal of the training is to increase the capacity of participants to:
  • Identify and articulate their unique value proposition in a competitive market;
  • Respond to challenges, threats and other difficult behaviors;
  • Influence those you do not have authority over (i.e. lateral players, management, clients);
  • Be tough on substance and say no in a way that does not damage the working relationship;
  • Structure the negotiation process in a way that promotes joint problem-solving and collaboration to better meet the needs of all parties, producing longer-lasting, more durable agreements;
  • Understand the needs and goals of all parties in a negotiation;
  • Generate creative agreement, maximizing total negotiated value and leaving "nothing on the table”
Workshops can focus on particular areas of negotiation effectiveness such as:
  • Dealing with difficult people and tactics
  • Building long-term, strategic relationships
  • Influencing and persuading others
  • Managing differences in perceptions
  • Managing roles in multi-party negotiations

Programs are generally conducted as two-day sessions, but can be customized for the specific objectives of the organization.

Our trainers are seasoned instructors with "real world" experience negotiating with Fortune 500 clients and vendors.  A sample of available trainers includes:

Michael Dickstein
Chuck Doran
Audrey Lee
Monica Parker

Upon Request
“MWI and Analog Devices Incorporated (ADI) began working together in 2007 to collaborate on a Negotiation training program that would be delivered to critical account and business leaders worldwide. Educating employees was considered the first element of a two part plan. A comprehensive curriculum was jointly developed and included pre-work exercises, role play, case studies,  and  post training follow-up.  Critical to the success of the training was the integrated delivery of content by both ADI and MWI subject matter experts. The objective for ADI was to improve our negotiation capabilities both internally and with our customers shifting the process from one of confrontation to a win/win environment. The second element of the negotiation initiative was focused on follow up and re-enforcement.  This included coaching support from both MWI and ADI that was completed prior to an actual negotiation.  The intent was to support the concepts real time using “real” work.  This was a key to enabling and supporting ADI employees helping them to navigate a successfully run negotiation session. Negotiating and creating win/win with our customers continues to be a key focus at ADI.  The core concepts and techniques used to educate our employees have been extremely valuable in our ongoing effort to have outstanding customer relationships.   We continue to work with MWI to help enhance and develop these abilities.”

George Smalanskas
Worldwide Director of Sales Learning and Development

Becky Trotsky
Manager-Contracts and Negotiations

“Our experience working with MWI’s training team was very positive at Cola-Cola Enterprises.  We began working with MWI in 2002 to roll-out a company-wide dispute resolution program to over 36,000 employees and managers across the country.  MWI worked with us to understand the issues specific to our business to ensure that the training was both effective in imparting new skills and productive in helping our new dispute resolution program become embedded into the culture.  The MWI training team was exceptionally skilled at working with our employees and management, instilling in very practical terms our common vision for collaboration and open communication and providing follow-up and reinforcement of the principles that were disseminated.  In short, MWI's training team was essential to the successful launch of our dispute resolution program at Coca-Cola Enterprises.”

Melanie Lewis
former Director of Solutions