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Cannabis Industry Dispute Resolution Services

Utilizing alternative dispute resolution (ADR) to resolve disputes via arbitration and/or mediation with CPR, instead of the courts, is especially beneficial to the cannabis industry. Businesses will benefit from the advantages of ADR, CPR’s knowledgeable case managers and specialized neutrals.


  • Access to justice. Keep disputes out of Federal courts, which may be reluctant to enforce any cannabis-related contracts.
  • Faster speed and lower cost. Speed to a decision is often important so that business planning can continue, and long-term projects can proceed uninterrupted.
  • Industry expertise. Neutrals who understand the subject matter of the dispute and won’t be biased against the cannabis industry.
  • Privacy & confidentiality. Maintain the confidentiality of sensitive matters, such as the details of business relationships, trade secrets and other intellectual property information.
  • Control of the process. The ability to craft your own process to fit your needs and timeline.


Parties should include an ADR clause in their arbitration agreements.  For suggested model clauses, please visit our model clauses page

Parties can also submit disputes to ADR if they agree to do so.  For instructions on submitting disputes to ADR, please visit our "Fast Resolution Options to Use at Point of Dispute" page.


CPR’s Panel of Distinguished Neutrals

Our 600+ neutrals have a wide variety of experience, ranging from cannabis cases to matters that affect cannabis businesses, including IP, supplier disputes, real property, employment, licensing, financing, mergers & acquisitions, and more. Our neutrals have experience with licensing and compliance issues in medical marijuana/cannabis, regulatory issues in the cannabis industry, cannabis supply and distribution issues, and real property disputes regarding cannabis dispensaries.

CPR’s Rules and Procedures

Our rules, protocols, and model clauses are driven and informed by the CPR Institute, a collection of expert end-users on the front lines of dispute resolution. Parties can use any of CPR’s Rules or Procedures to effectively manage their disputes, including CPR’s Administered Arbitration Rules or Mediation Procedures, the Fast Track Administered Arbitration or Mediation Procedures, or subject matter rules such as CPR’s Employment Administered Arbitration Rules.

CPR’s Case Management

CPR’s Dispute Resolution team has a combined 40 years of experience in ADR – not just in case management but in the practice of law and dispute resolution. We are a boutique ADR provider, so our Dispute Resolution team is nimble and highly responsive to our clients’ inquiries and needs. Every question is answered by an attorney case manager, not a customer service line. Our pricing is straightforward and transparent at the outset of the matter.