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A History of CPR Dispute Resolution Services

CPR has more than 40 years of experience helping commercial parties resolve disputes. 

In the 1980's, corporate and law firm leaders came together to formulate best practices for arbitration and mediation. At the outset, CPR focused on “non-administered” procedures – rules and guidelines for companies to use and adapt on their own. CPR continued to support the dispute resolution process when needed, for example if the parties had difficulty appointing a neutral.

Over the years, CPR came to be a valuable resource to parties in additional ways, and expanded the scope of its services to provide support such as assistance managing funds during the course of an arbitration. In 2013, CPR promulgated administered arbitration rules to reflect this increased role in supporting the arbitral process.

Parties that choose the CPR administered arbitration rules now automatically benefit from CPR's expertise in helping parties to choose a neutral, managing the process for challenging the selection of a neutral (relieving the need for parties to deal with the remuneration of arbitrators directly), reviewing draft awards and providing counsel to parties on the application of the rules. 

For those sophisticated parties that prefer to resolve disputes without the automatic support of the CPR Dispute Resolution Services, the original procedures, the non-administered rules, as updated, continue to provide that option. Parties using the non-administered rules can choose the above-mentioned services a la carte.