Rules, Model Clauses & Protocols

CPR: Your One Stop Shop for Everything ADR

Whatever the scope of your ADR needs, CPR stands ready to assist you.

Perhaps you simply want to access the text of the Rules, Model Clauses, Protocols or other resources, such as:

However, CPR is so much more than a library of these exceptional materials. Our Dispute Resolution Services Department also offers a variety of services to guide you through the use of these valuable resources, and the dispute resolution process as a whole. Users can customize their experience by choosing only and exactly the type and amount of assistance that they need:

Administered Arbitration

CPR’s self-administered rules and processes allow parties to conduct an arbitration or mediation without the help of an administering body. However, given the varying nature of commercial disputes, and in response to users’ requests, CPR now also offers both domestic and international administrated arbitration services and related rules.

Selecting and Completing the Right Clauses for Your Needs

If you already know what you're looking for, the straight text of CPR’s Model Clauses are available in our Resources Center, for a variety of dispute resolution needs, including mediation, arbitration, and domestic vs. international. 

If you’re not sure which of our existing model clauses is right for you, consider utilizing CPR’s Dispute Resolution Clause Selection Tool. Simply select your specific scenario and click through to the existing CPR clause that best fits your needs.

If an “off the shelf” model clause doesn’t quite suit your needs, CPR also offers a more personalized option, with its new tool, “The CPR Complete Clause.” This feature guides users step-by-step through either a domestic or international path, posting questions that will allow them to complete exactly the right clause for their specific situation.