Services Offered

  • Arbitration 15% Member Discount on Select Neutral Fees Learn More
  • Mediation
    Mediation is facilitated negotiation whose object is the consensual resolution of a dispute on terms that the parties agree upon themselves. Flat Fee Mediation Program Learn More
  • Special Arbitrator/Interim Measures
    Prior to the constitution of the Tribunal, any party may request that interim measures be granted under the CPR Rules (both administered and non-administered). Interim measures include measures for the preservation of assets, the conservation of goods or the sale of perishable goods.
  • Fund Holding
    CPR offers this a la carte service for neutrals or tribunals who want a third neutral party to handle the financial aspects of the proceedings, including opening an interest-bearing escrow account to hold the parties’ deposits, requesting fee deposits and processing invoices. Outsourcing this service to CPR further protects the neutrality of the proceedings and could result in some cost-saving benefits for the parties.
  • Deal Facilitation
    CPR can assist the parties with the appointment of a neutral who will act as a “deal facilitator” in mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures, etc.
  • Early Neutral Evaluation
    Early Neutral Evaluation provides disputants with a frank professional evaluation of their claims and defenses by a professional, objective observer – often a Magistrate Judge. It is used when the parties disagree significantly about the value of their cases and are locked in positional bargaining. ADR Primer Learn More
  • Mini Trials
    A hybrid process by which the parties present their legal and factual contentions to a panel of representatives selected by each party, or to a neutral third party, or both. The presentations are strictly limited and, at the end of the presentations, the party representatives and/or neutral meet and confer. The utility of the process is to provide senior party representatives with an opportunity to balance the strength of their client’s claims against the contentions of their adversary, with an eye to resolving the matter on commercial rather than legal terms.
  • Dispute Resolution Boards
    A party-appointed panel chaired by a trained neutral, which generally is formed at the start of a construction project and meets regularly (usually at the site) to follow work progress and to provide guidance to the parties. Once the DRB is in place, is informed about the project, and follows its progress, it is able to guide the parties to a mutual resolution of differences before they become disputes. In the event that the DRB is called upon to hear a ripened dispute, it can make either recommendations, awards that are binding for a period of time, awards that are binding but appealable, or final and binding decisions, depending on the agreement of the parties involved in the project. DRBs have been successfully used in complex construction projects.