Appointing Services

Want help appointing a mediator, arbitrator or a of ? CPR has extensive experience as an appointing authority, and a long history of supporting non-administered disputes.

CPR’s “Vetting”/Selection Process
Profiling CPR works with counsel to develop a detailed profile of the qualifications and experience of the neutrals needed. This due diligence also includes a discussion of the complexity and issues involved in the dispute and the potential for resolution. At this time, parties agree on a venue and a time period for hearing the matter (if not already confirmed). Parties can also agree on special queries to be made to the candidates.
Identification CPR searches its database, including a thorough review of the neutrals’ substantive and procedural qualifications, to identify neutrals who best meet the parties’ desired requirements.
Query CPR prepares a list of potential neutrals and queries them to determine their availability and willingness to serve, as well as to identify any potential conflicts. Any special queries are made at this time.
Nomination Based on the responses received to its neutrals query, CPR provides parties with a list of candidates who are conflict-free and available for the hearing calendar window that the parties prefer. The list is submitted together with biographical information, hourly rates, any disclosures, and responses to special queries.
Ranking Absent party agreement to a different process, if parties are unable to agree on a neutral from the list, they rank their preferences, and CPR selects the nominee with the highest combined ranking.
Selection CPR notifies the selected panelist, who contacts counsel directly to begin the dispute resolution process. The neutral assumes responsibility for both directing and administering the ADR proceedings.
Assistance CPR remains available to address later arising challenges.