2021 Annual Meeting

Thursday, January 28 - Saturday, January 30, 2021

Austin Marriott Downtown | Austin, Texas
or CPR's Exciting New AM21 Virtual Experience

Join us in Austin, Texas (or virtually) on January 28 - 30 for our 2021 Annual Meeting!


Resolution Without Dispute

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, as the saying goes. 

What if you could prevent disputes thereby preventing litigation costs? Preserve relationships?  Keep employees and professionals focused on business purpose?  Stay on track with your business goals?

A dispute is not inevitable.  But it can be detrimental.  Commercial disputes – like all conflict that escalates into hardened “do or die” positions – wreak havoc on parties.  High costs, distractions, and delays of traditional litigation can damage the health of an organization and can sometimes even bring on its demise. At the very least, a formal dispute can destroy business relationships, and divert critical attention and resources away from innovation and achieving individual and corporate purpose.

There has to be a better way to anticipate and thoughtfully address conflicts before they evolve into full-blown legal disputes. At CPR’s 2021 Annual Meeting in Austin, TX (or beyond, via flexible online options), come join the discussion with high-level panelists to explore a wide range of approaches to diffuse potential and developing conflicts, so we can identify together practical and actionable preventative takeaways, skills and strategies we all need to succeed.

So just stop it! Before it starts…


Registration for CPR's 2021 Annual Meeting will open soon!

We are monitoring the public health situation in Texas and while we hope to be able to gather in Austin, we may decide, in the interests of our members and attendees and in the spirt of prevention, to modify and hold the event entirely remotely.