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2019 Annual Meeting

Thursday, February 28 - Saturday, March 02, 2019

The Fairmont Hotel | Washington DC

Nothing disrupts normal business operations—and potential profits—like a legal dispute. Well, CPR is committed to ‘disrupting that disrupter,’ and to giving in-house and law firm counsel the rules, tools and strategies that they need to do so as well.

Innovative business leaders increasingly understand the tangible business benefits of exploring options other than traditional litigation. Corporate adversaries today could very well be joint venture partners tomorrow, or might benefit from working together to pursue common goals or respond to industry threats. Even within a single corporation lies a vast expanse of potential disputes arising from day-to-day negotiations, collaborations and partnerships with vendors, suppliers and customers.

Consider the radical concept of setting a thoughtful and strategic tone for all of these relationships, ensuring they are as efficient and profitable as they can be, beneficial for all parties. Such a shift would constitute a profound renewal of traditional business practices, perhaps appropriately represented by the springtime cherry blossoms for which our D.C. venue is known.

Please join CPR and our esteemed colleagues for the 2019 Annual Meeting, as we challenge some long-standing notions of how disputes should be prevented and handled. Attendees will come away with practical and concrete takeaways to help their businesses flourish and grow.