2020 Annual Meeting

Thursday, February 27 - Saturday February 29, 2020

The Vinoy Renaissance | St. Petersburg, Florida

Conflict is difficult. When it comes to business, it can also be distracting and costly, and the traditional means of resolving these types of business conflicts—litigation, costly discovery, delays—simply aren’t cutting it.

Old habits are hard to break, and momentum is a powerful force. But, when it comes to conflict, embracing change is the only way to get from here to there, from traditional and less than optimal means of resolving disputes to more thoughtful and ultimately profitable approaches.

One positive change also tends to inspire another, inspiring a ripple effect that can move well beyond the four corners of a contract, beyond merely the parties sitting in a conference room, to entire industries, countries and beyond. That has been the impetus behind CPR’s ambitious mission—which is well underway—to change the way the world resolves conflict.

At CPR’s 2020 Annual Meeting in St. Petersburg, attendees considered a new way of doing business that incorporates the critical aspects of dispute prevention and resolution. At this highly interactive and informative leap year event, dozens of high-level panelists challenged preconceived notions and left with practical and actionable takeaways, tools, and strategies necessary for success.

So leap in! Trust us: The water’s fine.