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2022 Annual Meeting

Wednesday, March 2 - Friday, March 4, 2022

Innovations, Options and Opportunities: Technology and Dispute Management

Technology is no longer just an industry – it is the backbone of the economy. Indeed, it is a transformative force for innovation and growth in every sector, permeating every aspect of our society. And just as these emerging trends propel us forward, this greater connectivity, access to more data, introduction of artificial intelligence, and omnipotent Internet of Things are giving rise to a diversity of legal and compliance issues for both technology creators and providers, as well as the organizations that rely on technology.

We are, therefore, in need of better, smarter, faster dispute management. Courts simply cannot keep up. Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) offers flexible solutions that allow technology-related disputes to be prevented and/or resolved with the same innovations, options and opportunities that fuel technology principles in the first place. Indeed, the complexity of some technology disputes may require a diversity of approaches to resolve, from negotiating certain outcomes to mediating or arbitrating others. Dispute management provides that flexibility.

At #CPRAM22 we explored the best practices to prevent and manage disputes involving complex technology issues, and examine the innovative ways in which technology can be used in alternative dispute resolution.

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