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2011 Annual Award Winners

CPR's 29th Annual Awards recognizes innovative processes, techniques, systems, commitment and scholarship in the resolution, prevention and management of major disputes.

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Outstanding Practical Achievement Award

John Upchurch of Upchurch Watson White & Max, one of CPR's Awards Sponsors, presented Leonardo D'Urso with the Outstanding Practical Achievement award for the ADR Center in Italy (Co-founders Giuseppe De Palo and Leonardo D’Urso)

Outstanding Professional Article Award

Irene Warshauer, who is a mediator and arbitrator, and a CPR Awards Judge, accepted the Outstanding Professional Article Award on behalf of Roselle L. Wissler for the article, Court-Connected Settlement Procedures: Mediation and Judicial Settlement Conferences, 26 Ohio St. J. on D.R. 271-326 (2011), who was unable to attend the Awards Ceremony.

Outstanding Short Article Award

Irene Warshauer also presented Stacie Strong for her winning short article, Collective Arbitration Under The DIS Supplementary Rules for Corporate Law Disputes: A European Form of Class Arbitration?, 29 ASA Bulletin 145 (2011)

Outstanding Student Articles/Papers

Hon. Elizabeth Stong, a judge with the Eastern District of New York, and a CPR Awards Judge accepted the award on behalf of Michael Diamond, ‘Energized’ Negotiations: Mediating Disputes Over the Siting of Interstate Electronic Transmission Lines, 26 Ohio State J. on D.R. 1, 217 (2011), who was unable to attend the ceremony.

Judge Stong also presented the Outstanding Student Article award to Nate Mealy for his article Mediation’s Potential Role in International Cultural Property Disputes 26 Ohio State J. on D.R. 1, 169 (2011)

Outstanding Book Award

David Burt of DuPont and a CPR Awards Judge presented Douglas E. Noll with the Outstanding Book Award for Elusive Peace: How Modern Diplomatic Strategies Could Better Resolve World Conflicts, Prometheus Books, Amherst, NY (2011)

Best Electronic Media About ADR

David Burt also presented the Best Electronic Media About ADR Award to Roger Alford, Editor of the Kluwer Arbitration Blog,

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