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2016 Annual Award Winners

Friday, November 11, 2016

CPR's 34th Annual Awards recognizes innovative processes, techniques, systems, commitment and scholarship in the resolution, prevention and management of major disputes. 


Outstanding Professional Articles:
Harold Abramson: “Nelson Mandela as Negotiator: What Can We Learn from Him?  31 Ohio St. J. on Dispute Resolution 1 (2016)”
Ben Giaretta: “Project Management in International Arbitration 3 McGill J. of Dispute Resolution 66 (2016-17)”
Honorable Mention: Douglas N. Frenkel & James H. Stark: “Improving Lawyer’s Judgment: Is Mediation Training De Biasing?  21 Harv. Neg. L.R. 1 (2015)”


Joseph T. McLaughlin Original Student Article Award:
Theresa Mullineaux: “The Latest NFL Fumble: Using its Commissioner as the Sole Arbitrator: State ex rel. Hewitt v. Kerr,  461 S.W.3d 798 (Mo. 2015)”