• [2007]
    Stephen F. Gates
    Senior Vice President, Legal and General Counsel and
    ConocoPhillips Co.

    ConocoPhillips’ emphasis on ADR principles has helped shape one of the most efficient and effective corporate law departments in the world. In addition, the company has successfully promoted diversity not only in its legal department but also throughout the company.  A CPR Institute member since 1981, ConocoPhillips is a pioneer in the corporate legal community’s commitment to conflict resolution practices and principles. Under the leadership of Stephen F. Gates, the company’s rigorous early evaluation program and systematic approach to litigation management has resulted in a legal department that has notably increased shareholder value.

  • [2006]
    Russell C. Deyo
    Vice President, General Counsel
    Johnson & Johnson

    Under Deyo’s leadership, Johnson & Johnson has set a standard for others to emulate with a demonstrated commitment to ADR with their employees and also with their vendor relationships.  They have boldly exhibited public leadership by sharing metrics and encouraging competitors to adopt ADR practices.  Since the inception of their relationship with CPR, Johnson & Johnson’s support has literally given life to CPR’s mission, not only in the US, but also making great strides in promoting ADR in Europe and in China.

  • [2005]
    Brackett B. Denniston III
    Vice President, General Counsel
    General Electric Company

    Brackett Denniston is responsible for the worldwide GE Legal organization and for all of GE legal operations.  He is a member of GE’s Corporate Executive Council, the GE Capital Corporation Board of Directors and is chair of the Company’s Policy Compliance Review Board. Mr. Deniston has a distinguished legal career in public service and in private practice.  Under his leadership General Electric’s approach to commercial disputes has created increased value for their global business operations and served as a model for other corporation’s cost management and preservation of business relationships.

  • [2004]
    Kathryn A. Oberly
    Vice Chair & General Counsel
    Ernst & Young

    A member of the CPR Executive Committee, Ms. Oberly has led a distinguished career in public service and private practice.  At Ernst & Young, she has guided the firm through an era of new legislative and regulatory changes that have raised issues of first impression over a broad area of operations. Under her leadership, Ernst & Young became the first accounting firm to mandate ADR clauses in all of their contracts, worldwide.  She changed the way that Ernst & Young approached their business negotiations and changed the culture in corporate law in the process.