2018 Inspiring Innovation Award

Thursday, March 8, 2018 at 6:00pm
The Ritz Carlton, Buckhead, Atlanta, Georgia

CPR Honored ExxonMobil and Eugene Silva with the Inspiring Innovation Award

The Award was presented at CPR 2018 Annual Meeting in Atlanta

The Inspiring Innovation Award was presented at a dinner program on Thursday, March 8 as part of the first day of CPR’s 2018 Annual Meeting in Atlanta. This award recognizes a corporation and/or individuals whose work in the field of ADR demonstrates a combination of innovative thinking and excellence in execution. Nominations for this award are received from the community of corporations, law firms and other organizations or individuals who are involved in ADR.

In his role as a member of the International Dispute Group of ExxonMobil legal department, Mr. Silva has devised new ways to use the arbitration process to meet the commercial objectives of the company’s international business units. Mr. Silva and his colleagues know ExxonMobil faces unique legal challenges given the global nature of their operations—issues that span from standard commercial disputes to legal challenges that are often matters of first impression and may have industry-wide ramifications. 

“From the implementation of new, bespoke approaches to the arbitration process, such as those that promote efficiency through consolidation and time saving procedures, to the interaction with policy makers on investor rights and arbitral rules, the work done by Mr. Silva and ExxonMobil is necessarily expansive, innovative and unique,” said CPR President & CEO, Noah Hanft. 

“Gene personifies the spirit of innovative ADR,” said Sashe Dimitroff, Partner at Baker Hosteller LLP and a member of the nominating committee. “The International Disputes Group at ExxonMobil has a deep understanding of the complex subtleties of international disputes, and as a result they pioneer solutions that are both commercially and practically sound, particularly on matters of first impression.”

CPR’s 2018 Annual Meeting was held on March 8-10 at the Whitley Hotel in Atlanta.