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2020 Y-ADR Award

Sunday, December 1, 2019 at 11:59pm

2020 Y-ADR Award 

When: December 1, 2019, at 11:59 pm

The CPR Y-ADR Annual Award for Efficient and Effective Collaboration Between Corporate Counsel and Outside Counsel honors young lawyers who write about efficient relationships between corporate counsel and outside counsel in the context of ADR Proceedings.

Entries must address one of the following three topics relating to how corporate counsel and outside counsel can work together efficiently and effectively:

  • Topic 1: Describe a way in which corporate counsel and outside counsel can work together more efficiently and/or effectively in an ADR proceeding.

  • Topic 2: Describe an experience in which you, as either a corporate counsel or an outside counsel, successfully worked together in an ADR proceeding with an outside counsel or a corporate counsel in an efficient and/or effective manner.

  • NEW: Topic 3: What innovation could improve efficiency and/or cost-effectiveness of commercial dispute prevention/resolution?

Entries may be authored by one author or co-authored by two individuals consisting of one corporate counsel and one outside counsel. Lawyers who are 45 years old or younger, or have less than eight years of professional experience in international alternative dispute resolution (“ADR”) practice, including, but not limited to, as counsel, client, arbitrator, mediator, tribunal secretary, or law clerk, are eligible to compete.

Each year, the winner of the Competition is formally recognized at the upcoming CPR Annual Meeting and receives an Award, as well as a certificate signed by the President of the Panel of Judges.

The winner’s registration fee for CPR’s Annual Meeting will be waived and the winner shall be reimbursed for his or her travel expenses of up to US$ 1,500.

In addition, the winning entry will be published in Alternatives, CPR’s award-winning Newsletter, and recognized as the winning entry of the CPR Y-ADR Annual Award.

The deadline for receipt of entries for the 2020 CPR Y-ADR Annual Award is 11:59 PM EST on Sunday, December 1, 2019. Entries received after that date will not be accepted for consideration. 

All entries are to be written in English and submitted via e-mail to You will receive confirmation that your entry has been received.

All potential competitors are encouraged to review the full competition rules HERE.