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2013 Brazil Business Mediation Congress I


Brazil Business Mediation Congress | Congresso Internacional de Mediação Empresarial

Changing the Way Brazil Resolves Conflict  *  Mudando a forma de resolver conflitos no Brasil

On April 29, 2013, CPR in association with CAMARB and Pro-Acordo sponsored Brazil’s first Business Mediation Congress in Rio de Janeiro. The sold-out event featured speakers from the corporate, law firm, academic and mediator communities. It was sponsored by numerous Brazilian and multi-national entities including Royal Dutch Shell, Fluor, Danaher, Swiss Re and AmBev.  Law firms such as Baker & McKenzie, Chadbourne Parke and Pinheiro Neto also lent their names and contributed speakers.  Several Brazilian and American arbitration and mediation chambers also co-sponsored the event. The law school of the Fundacao Getulio Vargas hosted the Congress and provided logistical support.

The goal of the Congress was to raise awareness in Brazil as to the availability and suitability of mediation as a method for resolving business disputes.  Attendees enthusiastically embraced the concept of mediation, asking questions, providing context and making suggestions as to future events and topics.  The topic of multi-step clauses, in particular, drew a fierce debate between proponents who said they promoted the use of mediation and  opponents who believed they promoted perfunctory mediation on the way to the next step.  All of the attendees agreed that the Congress was a resounding success and urged CPR to engineer a repeat performance next year.


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