Positive Culture in the Virtual Workspace

Part of the Conflict in Closed Spaces Series

Thursday, May 28, 2020 at 12:00pm


Please join the CPR Institute for our second in a series of presentations on conflict in closed spaces entitled, “Positive Culture in the Virtual Workspace," a webinar led by UK-based Organisation Development consultancy Mayvin featuring founding Director, Dr. James Traeger, and Principal Consultant, Carolyn Norgate. This webinar will take place Thursday, May 28 from 12 pm to 1:30 pm ET via Zoom.

Webinar Description:

Lockdown has forced many of us into a virtual workspace but how much attention have we paid to what’s working?  And as we slowly ease out of lockdown, what do we need to turn our attention towards to maintain or enable healthy relationships and workplaces? Or as the world watches us come out of lockdown are there some clues in what’s already working for us?

Our speakers will discuss their experience of setting up and running their own organization in the virtual space as well as sharing what they are noticing in the organizations they work with as they reset for an uncertain, and more virtual, future. This webinar will cover the model of change they use for noticing and developing productive patterns and modelling your best culture inside and out, and the importance of this model toward preventing disputes.

This program is intended for lawyers, HR professional and other business leaders in the C-suite to help them consider the path forward for their organization and for enabling their purpose. 


To register, please email Richard Murphy at rmurphy@cpradr.org