Implications of Predictive AI in Litigation & Ethics

Thursday, April 8, 2021 at 2:00pm

Implications of Predictive AI in Litigation & Ethics

With the prevalence of artificial intelligence across the spectrum of business, more and more predictive modeling applications are emerging creating practical and ethical questions around the legal implications of Predictive AI. Join a discussion hosted by Text IQ on the future of this tech and the repercussions of these solutions.

We will cover explanations of the basics of predictive modeling and how predictive AI works, how these solutions are impacting and will impact the privacy, security, risk, and legal communities, the ethics of these solutions and a Q&A with experts on the practicalities and impacts of predictive AI.

Featured speakers include Allen Waxman, President & CEO, CPR; Karl Hennessee, Senior Vice President, Airbus; Miguel Villarreal, Senior Product Manager, Bloomberg Industry Group; and Chantalle Forgues, Attorney & Associate Professor of Business Law, Plymouth State University.

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