High-Level- Networking with Global Leaders

As a CPR member, you are part of a unique network of corporate counsel, outside counsel, neutrals and academics that are constantly collaborating
and driving innovative new best practices. 

Participation in CPR Subject Matter and Industry Committees – participation
in CPR’s specialized members-only committees provides the opportunity to:

  • Collaborate with corporate counsel, outside counsel and dispute
    resolution practitioners;
  • Participate in the process of developing the next generation of
    best-in-class approaches to dispute resolution; and
  • Drive change in corporate culture and ADR. 

Each committee is a hub for innovation and the chance to meet and network with the best and brightest legal minds.

  • The Transactional Dispute Prevention and Solutions Committee – our newest, is a resource for transactional lawyers, whose preventative role includes carefully choosing ADR procedures during contract formation, and finding proactive ways to preempt disputes and prevent them from damaging commercial relationships or impairing ongoing business needs. 

A Seat on the CPR Council – All global corporate members and select law firm members may participate on the CPR Council. 

The Council includes representatives from virtually every corporate member, as well as a few leading neutrals, law firms and academic institutions. Its mission is to serve as an incubator for work addressing issues faced by companies in implementing a more thoughtful approach to all forms of dispute resolution.

As a Council member, you have the opportunity to:

  • Learn about best practices with the sharpest in-house legal minds;
  • Guide the creation of innovative ADR tools and projects; and
  • Influence CPR’s efforts in the global promotion of business-savvy
    ADR policy.

Members are at the forefront of the rapidly evolving global ADR landscape and are involved in the expansion and promotion of dispute resolution around the world. Take advantage of CPR’s global presence by participating on our international advisory boards:

  • Brazil Advisory Board
  • European Advisory Board
  • Canada Advisory Board