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As part of its continuing diversity efforts, CPR is pleased to share a new brochure promoting its distinguished female neutrals, created pursuant to a generous grant by Victoria Pynchon. Download the brochure HERE.


The CPR's Panel of Distinguished Neutrals comprises those among the most respected and elite mediators and arbitrators in the world. It includes prominent attorneys, retired state and federal judges, academics, as well as highly-skilled business executives, legal experts and dispute resolution professionals who are particularly qualified to resolve all business disputes including those involving multi-national corporations or issues of public sensitivity.

Admission to one of CPR numerous panels occurs only after an individual is reviewed and approved by CPR and/or a select panel of high-end users, peers and/or academics. Candidates are screened for their ADR expertise and training, and candidate references are asked to comment specifically on the applicant’s qualifications to serve on complex commercial disputes. Qualification to the CPR roster is demanding and available openings are limited.

Focusing in more than 30 practice areas, CPR’s esteemed arbitrators and mediators have provided resolutions in thousands of cases, with billions of dollars at issue worldwide.

CPR's Newest Neutrals (Members Only)

Joint Panels

  • CPR/CAM Joint Panel
    CPR and Milan Chamber of Arbitration (CAM) have signed an agreement to increase the number of highly qualified neutrals made available to the respective users of CPR and CAM for the resolution of complex commercial disputes.  Specifically, CPR and CAM will share a list of accredited ADR professionals who are bilingual in English and Italian, and who can handle complex cross-border matters. July 2013 Alternative Feature
  • CPR/CAMARB Joint Panel
    CPR and Câmara de Arbitragem Empresarial Brasil (CAMARB), have entered into a ground breaking agreement to exchange lists of qualified dispute resolution experts. The goal of this first-of-its-kind collaboration for CPR and CAMARB in South America is to share these lists with respective users to leverage and support accredited mediators and/or arbitrators – bilingual in English and Portuguese and capable of handling commercial cross-border disputes – in a concerted effort to further the use of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) in Brazil.Learn More
  • CPR/CMAP Joint Panel
    CPR and CMAP (Centre de Médiation et d’Arbitrage de Paris) have signed a cooperation agreement in an effort to expand their respective panels.  This joint panel comprises distinguished neutrals with a working knowledge of both the French and English languages and experience in complex commercial cross-border arbitrations and/or mediations.  Neutrals on this panel are listed on CPR’s Global and Cross-Border Panels, and their bios contain both CPR and CMAP logos.  July 2013 Alternative Feature Learn More

Specialty Panels

  • Arbitration Appeals Panel
    The Arbitration Appeal Panel consists of U.S. federal and state appellate or senior judges who are available to decide appeals in accordance with contractual provisions providing for appellate arbitral review of arbitral awards such as CPR’s Appellate Arbitration Procedure. September 2013 Alternatives Feature Learn More
  • Banking, Accounting & Financial Services Panel
    This Panel comprises neutrals with experience in resolving complex disputes arising between banking, accounting and financial services institutions.  Included on this Panel are attorneys with extensive financial background and expertise in resolving disputes which arise in the context of real estate, accounting, mergers & acquisitions, hedge funds and other types of corporate deals.  They include neutrals with an understanding of the financial implications of business processes and flows; business valuations; buy-sell agreements; financial and securities disputes; forensic accounting; insurance coverage; professional malpractice by accounting firms; partnerships, and corporations. October 2012 Alternatives Feature Learn More
  • BioTech Panel
    The BioTech Panel consists of neutrals expert in biotechnology matters.  The panel also includes neutrals with experience in intellectual property  related to biotechnology and related fields. IP disputants may also consult CPR's Technology Panel.Learn More
  • Certified Public Accountants Panel
    The Certified Public Accountants Panel comprises US certified public accountants with experience in complex commercial matters.  These neutrals’ expertise includes forensic accounting, valuation and professional malpractice by accounting firms.  Most have served in ADR cases with large claims or had extensive experience auditing or consulting with large clients. Taxation disputants may also want to consult CPR’s Taxation Panel. May 2013 Alternatives Feature Learn More
  • China Business Mediation Panel
    This Panel includes sophisticated mediators trained in resolving disputes between U.S. and Chinese companies.  These mediators use the Mediation Procedure developed by CPR and CCPIT (China Council for Promotion of International Trade) and mediations are conducted through the auspices of the U.S. – China Business Mediation Center. July 2013 Alternative Feature Learn More
  • Construction Panel
    The Construction Panel includes attorneys and other construction professionals available to resolve construction disputes through arbitration, mediation and dispute review boards.  CPR Construction Panelists are also available to resolve disputes under CPR’s Rules for Expedited Arbitration of Construction Disputes, an expedited arbitration procedure centered on a 100-day hearing time frame.Learn More
  • Cross Border Disputes Panel
    Our Cross Border Disputes Panel is composed of world-class neutrals – located in North America - who are highly experienced in resolving all types of complex cross border commercial disputes. July 2013 Alternative Feature Learn More
  • Cyber Panel
    The CPR Cyber Panel contains neutrals who are expert in data breaches and other cybersecurity issues, as well as those experienced in handling related insurance coverage disputes.Learn More
  • E-Discovery Panel
    The E-Discovery Panel of Neutrals comprises attorneys and e-discovery professionals who have significant experience in e-discovery matters, including knowledge of data retention and retrieval systems, corporate retention policies and case law in the field.  They are available to assist parties and adjudicators as special masters or in resolving E-Discovery disputes out of court. January 2013 Alternatives Feature Learn More
  • Employment Panel
    The CPR Employment Panel includes neutrals with experience in all aspects of employment law and disputes, including executive compensation, statutory discrimination and termination issues. This panel is available to the public.Learn More
  • Energy, Oil & Gas Panel
    This blue-ribbon international panel includes former General Counsel and other energy neutrals who are expert in resolving complex energy disputes including alternative energy sources, electrical, gas and nuclear specialties. April 2013 Alternatives Feature Learn More
  • Entertainment Panel
    Mediation and arbitration are widely used to resolve disputes in the entertainment industry notably because of the confidentiality and time sensitivity involved.  CPR’s Entertainment Panel is comprised of practitioners uniquely qualified to handle the types of disputes encountered in the film, television, music, and performing arts industries. March 2013 Alternatives Feature Learn More
  • Environmental Panel
    This exclusive panel is composed of highly experienced attorneys specialized in resolving a wide variety of environmental conflicts.  Their areas of specialization include water rights, toxic torts, natural resources, and land use.Learn More
  • Franchise Panel
    This panel is comprised of neutrals with extensive experience in resolving disputes arising between franchisors and franchisees. Our panelists are also expert in resolving disputes through the National Franchise Mediation Program.  This Program, which has been endorsed by the International Franchise Association, the Asian American Hotel Owners Association, and the American Association of Franchisees and Dealers, has been used by many leading franchisors, franchisees and franchisee associations. This panel is available to the public.Learn More
  • General Counsel Panel
    Our General Counsel Panel is comprised of current or former General Counsel at Fortune 500 companies.  Their extensive corporate experience offers unique perspective and skills for efficient corporate conflict management. May 2013 Alternatives Feature Learn More
  • Global Panel
    Our Global Panel is composed of world-class neutrals -- located across the globe outside of North America -- who are highly experienced in resolving all types of complex cross-border commercial disputes. July 2013 Alternative Feature Learn More
  • Healthcare & Life Sciences Panel
    The Healthcare & Life Sciences Panel of neutrals are experts in matters involving health care entities, hospitals and hospital systems, physicians and other providers, collaborative arrangements, managed care and HMOs, pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers, as well as the complex regulatory framework in which they operate.  The panel also includes neutrals with experience in intellectual property related to health care and the life sciences, clinical trials, R&D and bioethics. IP disputants may also consult CPR's Biotech and Technology Panels. November 2012 Alternatives Feature Learn More
  • Hedge Funds Panel
    The Hedge Funds Panel comprises neutrals with broad experience in complicated investment disputes between hedge funds and corporate hedge fund investors.Learn More
  • Insurance Panel
    The neutrals admitted to our Insurance Panel are uniquely qualified to handle all types of complex insurance and reinsurance disputes among insurers and/or reinsurers. October 2013 Alternatives Feature
  • Insurer-Policy Holder Coverage Panel
    This Panel was assembled by CPR’s Corporate Insurance Coverage Initiative comprising leaders of the insurance and corporate worlds.  These panelists are expert in resolving coverage disputes which can arise between insurers and corporate policy holders. October 2013 Alternatives Feature Learn More
  • Judicial Panel
    The neutrals on the Judicial Panel are all former U.S. federal judges or judges from State courts or foreign country jurisdictions with years of experience adjudicating all kinds of disputes. September 2013 Alternatives Feature Learn More
  • Municipal Bankruptcy Panel
    The neutrals on this panel specifically focus on municipality organization and debt restructuring, as well as other government financial dispute resolution.Learn More
  • National Panel
    CPR’s National Panel is an elite panel comprising CPR’s most distinguished neutrals.  These panelists are nationally recognized for their success and experience across the ADR spectrum.  Neutrals are only selected to this panel after a rigorous peer review process and must possess exemplary arbitrator and mediator skills and have amassed years of tangible experience to be listed on this specialty panel. January 2014 Alternatives Feature Learn More
  • Real Estate Panel
    The Real Estate Panel comprises neutrals expert in all real estate matters including banking and finance, development, land use and zoning, leasing, environmental concerns, and other complex commercial real estate matters. July/August 2014 Alternatives Feature Learn More
  • Sports Law Panel
    The neutrals of the Sports Law Panel are expert in sports law and the types of disputes arising between athletes and various sports organizations. March 2013 Alternatives Feature Learn More
  • Taxation Panel
    This panel is exclusively composed of highly experienced attorneys capable of handling the complexity of corporate tax disputes.  Taxation disputants may also consult CPR’s Certified Public Accountants Panel. May 2013 Alternatives Feature Learn More
  • Technology/IP Panel
    The Technology Panel is composed of neutrals with experience in all aspects of scientific and technological disputes.  They have backgrounds in natural sciences, computer science, electronic, engineering and similar technologies.  Most have backgrounds in patent and other intellectual property disputes. Technology and science disputants might also want to consult CPR’s Biotech, Health Care & Life Sciences, and Trademark Panels. December 2012 Alternatives Feature Learn More
  • Trademark Panel
    This panel includes leading practitioners who are highly experienced in resolving trademark, copyright, design patent, and trade dress disputes between corporations.  These neutrals are experienced with trademark and unfair competition disputes. December 2012 Alternatives Feature Learn More