COVID-19 Flat Fee Mediation Program

The COVID-19 Flat Fee Mediation Program is designed to help small and medium-sized businesses resolve their COVID-19 related disputes through mediation, and move their business forward. The program, created in collaboration with Legal Innovators and FTI Consulting, applies to any kind of COVID-19 related disputes below $5 million at issue.  

Each participating organization in the Mediation Program contributes to the unique aspects of this comprehensive mediation program:

  • CPR appoints mediators from its Panel of Distinguished Neutrals pursuant to the Mediation Procedure for the CPR-FTI-Legal Innovators Flat Fee Mediation Program;
  • FTI provides neutral loss assessments to inform mediators and supports online mediation (or provides its offices to hold the mediation to the extent health, safety considerations and space permit);
  • Legal Innovators provides “bench” memos on relevant legal principles under applicable law to assist the mediators

The flat fee is $6,000 (to be split by the parties) for 10 hours of mediation and $350/ hour for any additional hour.

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