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CPR's Panels of Distinguished Neutrals are one of CPR's most valuable assets. We thank you for your service, leadership and commitment to the highest ethical standards that inspires such confidence in our users. We hope that this page will serve as a helpful resource for you, allowing you stay current and engaged with CPR. We will be adding content regularly, so encourage you to bookmark the page and check it often.

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Continued Training

CPR believes that all of its neutrals should keep their skills current and up to date. Please notify CPR of any trainings and/or conferences attended during the prior year that you have taken by filling out the annual CPR Neutral Survey. Neutrals are required to return the annual CPR Neutral Survey in order to be nominated for a case.

Neutrals are required to take a course on Cybersecurity. The following course is recommended:

Neutrals are required to take a course on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. The following courses are recommended:

  • Save the Date! New York Law School Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Skills Program Presents Symposium on ADR and Diversity, January 27 (Thursday), 4:30 PM-7:00 PM, New York, NY. Find out more here

  • Save the Date! Online! The Renaissance Woman of Dispute Resolution Presents Texas A&M Dispute Resolution Symposium: Carrie Menkel-Meadow's Contributions to New Directions in Feminism, Ethics, and ADR, March 4-5, 2022 (Friday-Saturday) 

Resources for CPR Neutrals

Special DRS Programs

If you are not already doing so, please let us know if you would like to participate in the following special CPR members-only DRS programs, created to showcase and promote your services:

Let Us Promote You!

Demonstrating your thought leadership is a wonderful way to build your practice. Let us help. If you have an idea for an article about dispute resolution issues, we would be happy to consider it for publication in our award-winning publication Alternatives, or on our blog, CPR Speaks. In the dedicated column, "The Neutral's Notepad," members of CPR’s esteemed panel of neutrals periodically contribute their thoughts on developments and best practices in dispute resolution. Please contact our Marketing and Communications Consultant, Vicki Wray, at to submit an article or to propose topics for publication.

Rent a Venue 

In need of a mediation space? CPR has a private conference room and breakout rooms available for mediation. Please contact Christopher Silva at for more information or to inquire about availability & rates.