As a CPR members-only benefit, add the optimized Alternatives web app to your phone, tablet or other mobile device!

Alternatives Web App

As part of your membership in the International Institute for Conflict Prevention & Resolution, you are entitled to online and mobile access to Alternatives to the High Cost of Litigation through Wiley Online Library. To add Alternatives access to your phone, tablet or other mobile device, you will need to follow these simple steps to register and “affiliate” for the Wiley Online Library and save your new web app for future access. (If you have already registered for a personal or work account on the Wiley Online Library, please skip to Step B to affiliate with Alternatives.) 

Step A: Register

1. Go to the Wiley Online Library homepage:
2. Click on “Log in/Register” at the top right hand part of the page; click on “Register” in the expanded box.
3. Fill in the Registration form and submit.
4. You will immediately receive an email which requires you to click on a link and validate the information you provided during your registration.  Please do so within 24 hours in order to avoid the need to re-visit the form.
5. Once you have registered, log in and follow the instructions in Step B below to affiliate Alternatives with your account.

Step B: Affiliate

Go to the Wiley Online Library Member Registration:

6. Enter your registered email address and password.
7. Enter your Membership:                        CPR
Enter your Access Code:                       MBR60711
9. Submit.

Registration and affiliation is a one-time process. Once you have completed this Step B, you will not need to affiliate or use this Membership and Access Code again. In future you can go to and log in with your user name and password.

Access to this online journal is for personal use only and your password should be kept confidential.

Step C: Access Alternatives

Step D: Access Alternatives on your mobile device

Thank you for reading Alternatives!