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CPR's Latest Webcast Now Available On Demand

Now Available On Demand:  ""The Evolution of the New Lawyer"

The CPR Institute presented a one-hour CLE webcast, "The Evolution of the New Lawyer: Challenges for Legal Practice in the New Millennium," on Monday, Feb. 9.  The lunchtime seminar conducted by Prof. Julie Macfarlane of the University of Windsor in Windsor, Ontario, is now available on demand here.

The CPR Institute is content partner with, which webcasts CPR programs.  Individuals at CPR Institute members receive a 25% discount off the $80 course fee.

Based on 10 years of empirical research with lawyers and their clients, Julie Macfarlane's new book, “The New Lawyer,” looks at the ways in which the “vanishing trial” and the move toward early, institutionalized settlement processes is changing the practice of law. 

As clients press for more cost-effective, solution-oriented processes, lawyers are building on their more traditional skills--in courtroom advocacy and positional bargaining--to develop new skills and tools in advocacy and negotiation that are a better match for newer conflict resolution settings such as mediation, four-way collaboration and settlement conferencing.

The webcast explores how these new roles and settings affect the lawyer-client relationship, and how lawyers might anticipate and manage those changes.

This webcast is a must for any lawyer who realizes that his or her practice is changing and wants to know what the empirical research tells us about these changes--and how to ensure the best client service and practice in the face of these challenges.

Purchasing the course entitles users to online access for 180 days. Please note that the on demand versions may or may not be accredited in your state.  Check the WestLegalEdcenter site for full accreditation details.

You can go the CPR Training page here, and you can go directly to the WestLegalEdcenter list of CPR courses, including the live Feb. 9 event,  here.