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YADR - CPR Institute launches latest young attorneys group (GAR)

15 May 2009
Global Arbitration Review Briefing

YADR is the latest young attorneys' group to be launched amidst a growing number of similar associations sprouting globally.

The New York-based group will tap into the membership base of the International Institute for Conflict Prevention and Resolution. It says the aim is to expose young attorneys to in-house counsel enabling them to gain an inside look into the role of alternative dispute resolution systems and practices in multinationals.

Dana MacGrath, senior counsel at Allen & Overy, has been appointed YADR group chair by the Institute and says that it is this exposure to in-house counsel personnel that makes the group unique. She disagrees that the market for young groups is becoming saturated.

"I think that it's important for young people to have as many opportunities as possible to learn from mentor figures, especially in-house counsel in this economic climate," MacGrath says. "So another group will be welcomed."

Parallel organisations launched in recent times include the LCIA's YIAG, the ICC Young Arbitrators Forum, the Australasian Forum for International Arbitration, the Netherlands Arbitration Institute's Jong Oranje and, in the last few months, the Russian Group of Young Arbitration Practitioners.

MacGrath believes that membership of the group will be broader than just New York and even the US and says "we're obviously happy to include anyone who's interested and wants to participate."

Membership of YADR will be free and the benefits include a series of networking events every year. An inaugural meeting will take place on Tuesday 2 June from 6pm to 7.30pm at the New York City offices of Allen & Overy.

Entitled "Tips from the trenches in a tough economy: insights from in-house counsel about today's priorities and what that means for young attorneys going forward," the free event will include a panel discussion moderated by MacGrath and will feature the following speakers:

Michelle Browdy, vice president and assistant general counsel, IBM Corporation
Melanie Lewis, director, Solutions, Coca-Cola Enterprises
Duncan MacKay, deputy general counsel, Northeast Utilities
Beth Trent, legal director, Schering-Plough Corporation (invited)

A networking cocktail reception will follow. Attorneys must be 45 or younger to participate.

YADR will also be taking part in the second retreat of the Co-Chairs' Circle, an umbrella body recently formed at the suggestion of Jan Schäfer at Allen & Overy's Frankfurt office to promote interaction between existing young groups in Europe, Russia and Australasia.

Due to take place in Spain in the spring of 2010, the retreat will be hosted by the Spanish under-40 arbitration group, CEA 40.

For more information about YADR and future events see the CPR Institute's website