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Kenneth R. Feinberg Receives CPR Institute's James F. Henry Award

-- Honoree Recognized for His Commitment and Distinguished Contributions to the Field of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) --

Over the years, CPR Institute has recognized singular individuals for their commitment to the principles of ADR and for outstanding achievement and contributions to the field of commercial conflict resolution. Previous winners of the James F. Henry Award include the Right Honourable Lord Woolf of Barnes (2007), Senator George J. Mitchell (2004), Hon. Janet Reno (2003), and Chief Justice Thomas J. Moyer, Supreme Court of Ohio (2002).

“We are honored to present the James F. Henry Award to our friend and colleague Ken Feinberg”, said Kathleen A. Bryan, President and CEO of CPR Institute.  “Ken is one of the most trusted professionals in the field and has been a staunch advocate for utilizing ADR methods to solve this country’s most complex disputes.”

Enjoying an illustrious career working on some of the most significant issues in recent history, Mr. Feinberg is considered a leader in mediation with major high stakes ADR experience. 
He is, perhaps, best known for serving as the Special Master of the September 11th Victim Compensation Fund.  Mr. Feinberg, who chose to serve without pay for 33 months, evaluated thousands of applications and determined the compensation for the families of September 11th victims. Under his leadership, the Fund was an overwhelming success, with over 97% of those eligible choosing the Fund over litigation.  In the end, a total of seven billion dollars was distributed. 

In the 1980s, Mr. Feinberg secured a $180 million settlement between veterans and their families and the manufacturers of Agent Orange.  Prior to his appointment as mediator, the parties had been locked in eight years of litigation and had come to the negotiation table with more than a billion dollars difference between their offers.

Later, as an arbitrator, Mr. Feinberg determined the fair market value of the original Zapruder film of President Kennedy’s assassination, awarding $16 million to heirs of the family.  More recently, following the Virginia Tech shootings, Mr. Feinberg became Fund Administrator for the Hokie Spirit Memorial Fund. He was also involved in designing and implementing an ADR program for Liberty Mutual Insurance Company, Zurich N.A. Insurance Company and Hurricane Katrina and other Gulf of Mexico hurricane victims.

Mr. Feinberg’s skills transcend party lines, with appointments from both Republican and Democratic Presidents.  He was appointed by President Reagan to serve as a commissioner on nuclear accidents.  President Clinton also appointed him to a commission on human radiation experiments conducted during the Cold War.  More recently, President Obama named Feinberg the Special Master of Executive Compensation for companies receiving exceptional assistance from the government.

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