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"The End of Lawyers?" Richard Susskind on the Future of Legal Services, Part 2 (IDN Podcast 86)

Clip length/Date:(17:52min - 02/26/10)

Summary: In the second of a two-part discussion, U.K. author Richard Susskind visits International Dispute Negotiation host Michael McIlwrath to discuss managing law firms and corporate law departments, technology, and the billable hour.

Susskind’s third book, “The End of Lawyers? Rethinking the Nature of Legal Services," is a provocative international bestseller that focuses on using technology to update how clients are serviced.

In Part 1 last week, Susskind discussed his “Efficiency Strategy,” one of two ways lawyers will improve their offerings and retain their clients. His second technology-driven path, the “Collaboration Strategy,” is the subject of this week’s concluding episode.

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