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The Draft Text of the 'Litigation Prenup'--CPR's Economical Litigation Agreement--Is Here (April 19).

Last week, the National Law Journal discussed the seminar on CPR's new conflict resolution-oriented litigation agreement at Pepperdine.

Now, you can find a .PDF of the document dubbed a "litigation pre-nup" for download on this page.

The CPR Economical Litigation Agreement for Corporate Commercial Contracts as a Means of Reducing Civil Litigation Costs was developed by Dan Winslow, a Boston-based partner at CPR member law firm Duane Morris. 

It was one of the hot topics at the conference "American Justice at a Crossroads: A Public& Private Crisis," hosted by Pepperdine's Straus Institute for Dispute Resolution.

As indicated, the document is in draft, and CPR's XX is working to improve the text, and finalize it later this year.

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