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CPR Will Provide Mediators for Sandy Claims (Nov. 12, 2012).

The CPR Institute has convened a group of interested neutrals, insureds and insurers, under the auspices of its Commission on Facilities for the Resolution of Mass Claims, to address the resolution of potential claims associated with tropical storm Sandy.  

At an initial conference call Nov. 12, a representative for a major insurer issued a request for qualified members of CPR’s Panels of Distinguished Neutrals to stand by for mediations once claims are filed.  The insurer is seeking neutrals with property and casualty mediation experience; it expects most of the matters to be addressed will involve homeowners, not commercial claims.  

The claims, and mediation work, is expected to be centered on New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania, which bore the brunt of Sandy’s landfall on Nov. 6.  

In anticipation of other similar insurer requests, the CPR Mass Claims Commission and interested parties will reconvene to consider current industry needs and provide an update on any legislative or regulatory initiatives that are introduced and which will affect claims resolution.

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