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CPR and the Irish Commercial Mediation Association Enter into Historic Agreement to Recognize Respective Pledges Promoting ADR

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Wendi Chason

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New York, April 15, 2013 – Today, the International Institute for Conflict Prevention and Resolution (CPR) and the Irish Commercial Mediation Association (ICMA), which is based in Ireland, entered into an historic Mutual Recognition Agreement to promote their respective ADR pledges and charters as mutually supportive of each other.  The purpose of this unique collaboration is to increase awareness of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) processes worldwide and to strengthen each organization’s efforts to do so through pledges, charters and commitments.  In the agreement, CPR and ICMA mutually recognize the CPR Corporate Policy Statement on Alternatives to Litigation, the CPR 21st Century Corporate ADR Pledge and ICMA’s Pledge for Mediation. 

Mr. Austin Kenny, ICMA’s Chairman stated “Our sole purpose is to promote the awareness and use of mediation in business – both for preventing and resolving disputes. Simply put, mediation is the most efficient way of dealing with business disputes. If you find yourself in a dispute, we believe your business is best served by choosing mediation. If you are an adviser we encourage you to present mediation as a first option to your clients.”

Kathy A. Bryan, CPR’s President && CEO underlined the benefits of this collaboration: “The purpose of this unique mutual agreement is to magnify the power and reach of our respective pledges.  It will serve to expand CPR and ICMA’s international reach to benefit their members. Indeed, this unique, agreement will result in greater promotion and use of ADR internationally by providing both organizations’ users with a more extensive list of signatories to supporting ADR pledges and charters domestically and abroad.”

About CPR
CPR is the only independent non-profit organization whose mission is to help global business and their lawyers resolve complex commercial disputes more cost effectively and efficiently.  For over 30 years, the legal community has trusted CPR to deliver superior arbitrators and mediators and innovative solutions to business conflict.  CPR’s membership comprises an elite group of ADR trailblazers, including executives and legal counsel from the world’s most successful companies and global law firms, government liaisons, retired judges, highly-experienced neutrals, and leading academics.  CPR accomplishes its mission by harnessing the expertise of these leading legal minds who challenge the way the world solves conflict for generations to come.  CPR is once again challenging the way the world solves conflict by introducing the 21st Century Corporate ADR Pledge that will systemically change the way global business and their leaders resolve complex commercial disputes.  For more information, please visit

About ICMA
The ICMA was formally established on April 8, 2003 to promote and develop commercial mediation in Ireland. It is a voluntary non-profit making association, where those interested in the provision and development of commercial mediation form its membership. For more information on ICMA, please visit