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Corporate Counsel Quotes CPR on Trends in ODR

Corporate Counsel Quotes Noah Hanft & Beth Trent on developing trends in online dispute resolution ODR, in "Have a Dispute to Resolve? We'll See You Online."

The article begins with a bold prediction, made by Hanft during a recent keynote at Pace University Law School, that "Not tomorrow, but within the next five to 10 years, much of arbitration will be online--and we won't remember why we ever did it any other way." 

On the topic of how ODR can save the parties money, Trent explained, "“The longer a proceeding lasts, the longer you are paying your counsel, that’s a direct cost; the longer you are paying the neutral, that’s a direct cost; and the longer you have your businesspeople paying attention to the case, which is taking them away from the business, that is an indirect cost." 

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