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Noah Hanft Discusses "Planning Your Legacy" with Corporate Counsel Magazine

As originally appeared in the the October 2015 issue of Corporate Counsel magazine.

Corporate Counsel's John Gilmore recently interviewed CPR President & CEO Noah Hanft on legacy planning for general counsels generally, and how he started planning his personal legacy years before leaving MasterCard, where he was General Counsel.

According to Noah Hanft, “I think the most important thing for a general counsel is to think early on in the process about succession. It’s critical to ensure that you bring on people (and enough people) with the potential for success. I was closely involved all through the last five years in discussions about who the potential successors would be.”

“But when it gets down to decision time, it is really important that the CEO make the decision,” Hanft added. “However, the board of directors and the senior management team as a whole also need to be comfortable with that individual, so it’s a collective effort to get to a successor.”

To read the rest of John Gilmore’s interview with Noah Hanft, in which Noah discusses his relationship with MasterCard’s Tim Murphy (who ultimately became his successor), as well as the legacy he hopes to leave at The CPR Institute, please see the full interview at Corporate Counsel here.