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The Future of ADR in Business - an Interview with Noah Hanft

The McGill Journal of Dispute Resolution published an interview with CPR President & CEO, Noah Hanft, on "The Future of ADR in Business." 

Among other topics, he discussed how public perception of ADR has changed over the years; the core cause of business conflicts, and best practices for approaching those conflicts; the most difficult conflict he has ever encountered; whether recent criticism of arbitration in the media is warranted; whether more companies are contemplating dispute resolution mechanisms now compared to in the past; whether mediation is gaining importance in cross-border disputes; and what he sees as the future of international arbitration.  

According to Hanft, "I have a strong belief that conflict is often caused by the failure of parties to have a clear understanding as to objectives, outcomes and processes. Clarity in a contract and a genuine meeting of the minds is critical. That is why I believe best practice calls for agreements that clearly articulate the expectations of the parties on the overarching business issues, as well as how potential business disagreements can be avoided and, if unavoidable, how they can be effectively managed. A focus on early dispute identification and resolution is increasingly becoming the hallmark of successful companies. I often say that your adversary of today (even if it is your current competitor) might be your licensee, joint venture partner or even acquisition target of tomorrow so avoiding fractious and expensive legal battles is good business."

You can access the complete article on the McGill Journal of Dispute Resolution site here.