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Can Mediation Take Hold in Europe?

An interview with Noah Hanft

GC Grapevine

The GC Grapevine published an interview with CPR President & CEO, Noah Hanft, on "Can Mediation Take Hold in Europe?" 

Among other topics, he discussed how public perception of ADR has changed in Europe; “In-house lawyers in the U.S. recognize the importance of ADR and there is a growing desire for even greater utilization of it. It is also evolving in Europe,“ said President & CEO of CPR, and the former General Counsel of MasterCard. He said Europeans are finding better ways to streamline disputes and added it has led to a big push in establishing ADR clauses in contracts.

According to Hanft, the EAB Mediation & ADR Guide provides, for the first time, a valuable overview of the most widely used processes (particularly in the area of mediation) and when they might be suitable, with practical suggestions on how to make use of them.

Compiling links to an extensive range of additional materials and practical resources for more in-depth information, the guide also incorporates a brief introduction to arbitration. Over the next few months, the Guide will be translated into several languages.