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GAR Covers New CPR Board Leaders, New Manual and More

Global Arbitration Review

In a March 17 article titled "New CPR Leaders Have 'Powerhouse - and In House - Credentials,'" GAR covered a number of recent CPR developments, including our new Board Leadership, the new Corporate Counsel Manual on Cross-Border Dispute Resolution introduced by CPR's arbitration committee, and so much more. 

After introducing new Board Chair Carlos Hernandez (Fluor) and Vice-Chair Thomas Sabatino Jr. (Aetna), as well as new CPR Board members Peter Drucker (AzkoNobel) and Craig Glidden (GM), GAR listed all current members of CPR's thus recently "refreshed" Board. 

The article also reviewed CPR's successful recent annual meeting in Miami, the awards bestowed upon numerous deserving candidates there and CPR's newly released International Mediation Procedure.