Kluwer Arbitration Blog Discusses CPR's Approach to Dispute Resolution with Olivier P. André

Kluwer Arbitration Blog
In Kluwer Arbitration Blog's “Interviews with Our Editors: The CPR Approach to Dispute Resolution with Olivier P. André,” Olivier discusses his role at CPR, the advantages CPR offers over the many other arbitration organizations around the world; how corporations and counsel can make use of CPR services; best practices recommendations for parties drafting arbitration clauses in contracts; key revisions in CPR's Administered Arbitration Rules, cybersecurity in ADR and the efforts of the the ICCA-NYC Bar-CPR Working Group on Cybersecurity in International Arbitration; and numerous other topics.

This is the second of two interviews that cover CPR’s innovative approach to aiding corporate legal departments with global dispute resolution.  Click here to access the interview with Noah J. Hanft, President and CEO of CPR.