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CPR Strategically Expands Global Partnerships

CPR Institute for Dispute Resolution announced today that it had entered into preferred partnership relationships with a select group of like-minded commercial mediation organizations throughout Europe and the Far East.

“Alternative dispute resolutions, including mediation and arbitration, is one of the fastest growing trends in the legal industry today,” said Thomas J. Stipanowich, CPR’s President and Chief Executive Officer. “It is a cost and time effective alternative to litigation that is being embraced by General Counsels and law firms worldwide, and is gaining acceptance overseas at a very rapid pace. These partnerships will allow us to provide cutting-edge information to our Coalition of CPR Members about events happening in Europe and China at an accelerated pace, and will also allow our Global Partners the same advantage overseas. It is a win-win situation.”

CPR’s new Global Partners are:
o ACB Conflict Management, The Hague, Netherlands
o ADR Center, Rome, Italy
o Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution (CEDR), London, England
o Hong Kong International Arbitration Centre, Hong Kong, China
CPR and its Global Partners specifically agreed to share information, advise each other of regional developments in the field, invite each other to participate in meetings, share written materials, and provide reciprocal links to their respective web sites.

As ADR organizations outside North America proliferate and become increasingly sophisticated, their need to link with an organization like CPR intensifies. And in turn, CPR’s own leadership will be in a better position to advance the interests of Fortune 1000 corporations and law firms in regions throughout the world.
CPR plans to continue to enlarge its select group of “Global Partners” at an aggressive pace.

Download a PDF of this Press Release here