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New Co-Chairs of National Franchise Mediation Program Announced (Press)

The CPR Institute for Dispute Resolution announced the appointment of two new Chairs of the National Franchise Mediation Program (NFMP), an alliance of leading franchisors and franchisees whose purpose is to encourage mediation of disputes within the franchise community.

The new Chairs are:

Scott McLester, Senior Vice President - Legal - Cendant Corporation

William G. Hall, CEO, William G. Hall & Company, and a Dairy Queen multi-unit franchisee

Morton H. Aronson, Counsel at Kilpatrick and Stockton, is the retiring Chair of the Steering Committee.

“The NFMP provides a fair step-by-step approach to dispute resolution for both franchisors and franchisees alike,” commented Co-Chair Hall. “As a franchisee, I am excited to be involved in such a quality program and look forward to helping it grow to even greater national prominence.”

“The NFMP is an incredible program that is truly dedicated to assisting franchisors and franchisees resolve their disputes without litigation, while preserving valued business relationships, said Co-Chair McLester. “Mort Aronson deserves a tremendous amount of credit for his leadership of this program. Bill and I are honored to follow in his footsteps.”

In 1993, CPR assisted a group of franchise leaders in forming the NFMP, and has continued to serve as administrator and advisor to the program. The Program is governed by a Steering Committee, comprised of an equal number of franchisors and franchisees.

Mort Aronson, outgoing Chair, sums up the Program’s value: “Every time we settle a dispute through mediation, we have the potential of saving hundreds of thousands of dollars versus the cost of litigation. CPR has been instrumental in helping to create the National Franchise Mediation Program (NFMP) and has been vital to our continued success.”

The transference of title took place at a meeting of the Steering Committee on June 17, 2004.

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