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CPR endorses passage of European Directive regarding Commercial Mediation

The CPR Institute submitted a strong recommendation to the offices of Arlene McCarthy, Member of the European Parliament, endorsing the passage of a
proposed directive pertaining to commercial mediation. The recommendation was submitted on both CPR’s behalf as well as several of its most prominent members active in Europe:
Akzo Nobel N.V.
Baker Hughes Incorporated
British American Tobacco
The General Electric Company
Johnson & Johnson
Nestle S.A.
Northrop Grumman Corporation
Texas Instruments Inc.
The recommendation cited the urgent need for the European market to adopt mediation because the practice has attained global significance and is a chief requisite for healthy global commerce. It was submitted in response to a questionnaire prepared by Ms. McCarthy regarding a proposed Directive intended to harmonize certain laws and regulations within Europe pertaining to commercial mediation.

CPR’s response, in part, is as follows:

“The CPR Institute and the Endorsing Corporations unequivocally support the Directive. It is not only necessary and justifiable, but urgently needed.

“The primary concrete benefit of the Directive is that it will encourage the growth of commercial mediation. Encouraging that practice is vitally important to the competitive status of European markets.

“Commercial mediation is a phenomenon of global significance, and is rapidly becoming an attribute of global commerce. It is frequently practiced in North America, Australia, Asia, and the United Kingdom. The commercial pressures for its broad adoption throughout Europe are unavoidable. It is therefore necessary that commercial mediation be encouraged throughout the Member States, and within each such state. So pervasive is commercial mediation that the failure of Europe to adopt the practice would place the Member States at a competitive disadvantage.”

Download a PDF of this Press Release here