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CPR Institute Launches a New Energy Panel of Mediators and Arbitrators

On March 23, 2006, Thomas J. Stipanowich, the CEO and President of the International Institute for Conflict Prevention & Resolution (CPR Institute), announced the unveiling of CPR’s new panel of eminent mediators and arbitrators with specialized expertise in the energy industry at a meeting of the Public Utility, Communications, and Transportation Law Section of the American Bar Association. This panel is an important development for the energy industry because it
meets the need for faster, better, more economical solutions involving the new competitive aspects of the energy business.

According to Duncan R. MacKay, Assistant General Counsel-Dispute Resolution at Northeast Utilities and chairperson of the CPR committee that helped shape the Panel, “Up until the formation of this unique group, the energy industry has had very little access to a comprehensive panel of quality neutrals with specialized energy industry knowledge and experience. The creation of this blue ribbon pool of experienced mediators and arbitrators is in direct response to a strong demand by individuals from across the energy field charged with maintaining a competitive position in the face of disputes. Thanks to CPR’s energetic support and sponsorship of this initiative, which drew on a broad cross-section of energy industry practitioners, regulators, and neutrals, the energy industry has a valuable new resource in its effort to effectively, efficiently, and timely manage conflicts and disputes.”

The Energy Panel of Neutrals includes mediators and arbitrators with direct experience involving business disputes in four major areas: coal, electricity, gas, and oil as well as specialized areas such as energy marketing, rural cooperatives, and alternative forms of energy. It is one of the Panels of Neutrals, which form The CPR 1,000 – 1,000 of the highest quality arbitrators and mediators, with specializations in over 17 practice areas and industries.

“Over five years ago CPR began to study the current challenges to the energy industry to see where we could be the most help,” said Helena Tavares Erickson, CPR’s Senior Vice President, Committees, Research, and Education. “While CPR has always had an excellent panel of neutrals with energy experience, it became clear that what was most needed was a panel of individuals with experience in the ever-increasing diverse sectors of the energy arena. The result is this uniquely qualified panel of energy industry neutrals.”

CPR Institute provides its roster of neutrals free of charge to CPR Members and will assist non members with neutral selection from its panels for a fee.

Download a PDF of this Press Release here