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CPR Publishes Avoiding and Resolving Information Technology Disputes

The CPR Institute unveiled the latest in its Master Guide Series of Books created by attorneys for attorneys. Avoiding and Resolving Information Technology
Disputes brings readers closer to not just less costly, more efficient and effective conflict resolution of IT conflicts, but improved communication and fewer conflicts from the outset.

The evolution of the new book is a classic example of “lateral thinking” – the application of principles and approaches developed in one context to another setting. Early on it was clear that problems within the IT industry are similar to long-term construction and government services contracts. CPR drew upon its long and successful experience with customized ADR in construction and government contract disputes and established the CPR Committee on Information Technology Conflict Management, which included lawyers and problem solvers with experience in construction as well as those from the technology sector. The committee developed and articulated new techniques, such as partnering workshops and standing neutrals, for managing conflict at all stages of the information technology contract. Several committee members are contributing authors of the new Guide. The Guide also unveils CPR’s Fast Track Mediation and Arbitration Rules of Procedure for use in settling in an expeditious manner those disputes that require formal mediation or adjudication. While developed in the technology sector, the Rules may be adopted and used in other fields.

Other books in the Master Guide Book Series are:
• Commercial Mediation in Europe
• Drafting Dispute Resolution Clauses
• Patent Mediation

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