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CPR Institute Addresses Dierct Needs of Top U.S. Corporations

Media Alert:  Learn the Most Effective and Advanced Dispute Solutions from the Source that Trains Fortune 500 General Counsel at it's Annual Membership Meeting.

This is an opportunity for your readers to learn about the most effective and advanced dispute solutions from the world’s top practitioners.

The International Institute for Conflict Prevention & Resolution’s (CPR Institute) Annual Meeting (January 18 and 19, 2007, New York City), with Fortune 500 general counsel and their firms in attendance, has set an agenda to respond to the needs of the top corporations in America and their law firms. The CPR staff would be pleased to serve as subject matter source expert on any of the following tracks, and share their insights from the meeting sessions.

CPR Corporate Counsel Roundtable

CPR President Kathy Bryan has invited some of her former Fortune 500 colleagues to discuss the newest and most challenging issues that confront legal and business leadership.

Multi-Party Negotiation, Consensus-Building, and Value Creation
The special qualities needed for multi-sided dispute management and resolution.

Beyond Reason: Using Emotions in Negotiation
The author of the winner of the 2006 CPR Book Award discusses his research and gives guidance on how practitioners can use emotional insights as tools to obtain desired results.

Arbitration: Challenges in Award Enforcement

New cases and trends from leading lawyers “from the trenches”

ADR in Bankruptcy
CPR returns to this topic after several years to discover how the practice has proliferated within bankruptcy courts and to what extent the industry challenges provide lessons in general practice.

The Role of Insurers in Mediation
Insurance companies may not be principles in commercial mediation, but they certainly are players. The role of the indemnitor is a critical one, and will be investigated by various participants who are experienced in the commercial mediation process.

Something New! Rebuilding Downtown Manhattan
A hands-on exercise in which participants will assume roles and act out one of the most challenging multiparty negotiations in recent memory: the reconstruction of the World Trade Center site in downtown New York City. Later in the day, the successes and failures of the Exercise will be reported upon and “Lessons Learned” will be discussed.

Measuring Predisposition to Conflict: The Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument
Meeting participants will have the opportunity to take this metric instrument and receive a profile indicating the repertoire of conflict-handling skills that they can use in conflict situations that they face.

If you would like to learn more about any of the tracks above, would like to discuss bylined articles by CPR staff in attendance, or would like to inquire about media coverage, please contact Liz Chatfield, 203-253-6698,

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